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What is Wayang Wong?

If you are interested in Balinese traditional art-forms, many of you would have heard of wayang kulit: the shadow puppet show; however, the human version of these puppets, called wayang wong, is probably less familiar.

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The ‘Culture’ of the Bali Arts Festival

Every year, after the Bali Arts Festival I get questions from my readers about the way it is (mis)presented. Here are some of my answers: There seems to be little information available about the performers or their art-forms, so I … Continue reading

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Has the presentation of Balinese dance changed much over the last 100 years?

Balinese dances have always been a great source of fascination for visitors to Bali and were used to draw tourist to the island. In fact, in the earlier tourism promotion images right up until the 1970s, often young female dancers … Continue reading

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