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Is any Balinese Gamelan Music Extinct?

Bali is world famous for its gamelan music, which, to the outsider who may have been fortunate enough to have witnessed a temple ceremony, seems alive and well even in the face of globalization. At least on the surface.

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What are Gender Wayang?

One of the most intimate gamelan ensembles on the island, a gender wayang (gender for short) group consists of either two or four musicians. In the complete group of four, there are two medium-range instruments and two high-range. The ensemble … Continue reading

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The ‘Culture’ of the Bali Arts Festival

Every year, after the Bali Arts Festival I get questions from my readers about the way it is (mis)presented. Here are some of my answers: There seems to be little information available about the performers or their art-forms, so I … Continue reading

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