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What is the difference between a lesson and a workshop at Mekar Bhuana Centre?

One of the most common questions we get from potential students who contact Mekar Bhuana is what the difference is between a lesson and a workshop. So I’m going to explain this in my blog.

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What is a Suling?

Suling is the Balinese word for seruling, which means ‘flute’. Made from bamboo, Balinese flutes are always end blown and vary in size. They can be anything from around 20cm to more than a meter long and quite narrow or … Continue reading

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Learn Ancient Gamelan Selonding at Mekar Bhuana

After the purchase of a beautiful iron selonding gamelan set, a duplicate of the ancient 10th century set from Besakih Temple, Mekar Bhuana Conservatory has immersed itself serious selonding study. And many students in the conservatory are keen to learn. … Continue reading

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